About Us

Our Owner 

Siera Terry is a Master's of Fashion Industry Studies graduate from The Fashion School at Kent State University. She created this brand to make your style a little more bougie, because real queens stand out. The brand's focus on diversity is from her mixed background of being Black and Mexican.

Our Mission 

Bougie Bands is a brand for women built on the appreciation of female empowerment and inclusivity. Every moment you put on our accessories, we want you to feel confident! We feel that everyone should be able to live their best bougie life and stunt in their everyday crown.

The Back Story

Noticing the lack of diversity in the headband market, Siera made it her mission to make all women feel included. Representation is seen through the women we post on social media and in our product line. 

Bougie Bands was already fully operating on social media when she met Raneem Elsayed, a Forbes Under 30 Scholar who informed her that typical headbands do not stay in place on top of her hijabs. Thus, Siera invented Bougie Hijabs: a custom beaded band fitted with magnets to attach to a hidden metal band under the hijab to hold the style in place.

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Bougie Bands created 2019.